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i read books and write things and then i read more books

Lessons learned

My three year-old daughter Quinn started kindergarten today, and my six-year old twin boys Ben and Eli have finished their first week of grade one. I gotta say, this feels like a Parenting Moment. My children aren’t babies anymore. Large parts of their days no longer include me, and now they’ll need to navigate some […]


My mum has been gone now for seven years. As more time passes, and I’m able to distance myself from the last years of her life that were so consumed by illness, I find I’m able to remember her with increasing clarity. I was by her side for all the defining moments of her disease, […]

Also, denim overalls.

I found out this week that my five year-old son needs to get glasses. I’m sure genetics must play a role here, because I wore glasses from the age of three until probably about 15 years old. And I HATED them. I was always the only kid in my class who wore glasses, and I’m […]